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About InterPayments:

  • InterPayments will accurately estimate the Transaction Fee that can be included in an eCommerce order, subscription, or recurring charge system.
  • InterPayments provides a simple way to integrate surcharging into your existing eCommerce solution.
  • InterPayments helps to stay 100% compliant with all US surcharging laws.
What we need ?

The non-identifying information required to calculate a Transaction Fee is :

  1. The order amount
  2. The delivery address region (U.S. State or ZipCode).
  3. The first six or eight digits of the credit card number.
What we Do?

InterPayments will calculate the Transaction Fee based on non-identifying information for each of your orders –cart subtotal,delivery address (U.S. State or Zip Code), and Non-Identifiable Card Number (NICN).

InterPayments will never store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The Transaction Fee must be displayed next to the total amount displayed to the card holder and it must be displayed with the label Transaction Fee. Full implementations will require a review against our Legal guidelines.

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